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In mature cannabis markets, concentrates like live resin vape pens tend to become the most popular product as consumers become more educated. But no single product has captured the fascination and paranoia of mainstream America quite like the rise of BHO. Done correctly, it is an incredibly potent product that captures the pure aroma, taste, and high of the cannabis plant. But done incorrectly, it can lead to unsafe work environments.

Join us at Dab Factory in Hillsboro, Oregon, as we cover safeguards all cannabis extractors should consider to mitigate risk and maximize profits. For licensed operators, workplace safety is top of mind, and meeting strict building, equipment, and fire codes is imperative to reducing the risk of injury.

Why Luna Technologies?

With superior ease, performance, and safety, Luna Technologies brings an unrivaled level of excellence to the hydrocarbon extraction market. Our IO Extractor's push-button automation and tool-less operation means less training, fewer errors, and a more consistent product.


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