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The First Automated Closed-Loop Nitrogen Assist Technology

Run 1400 lbs of Fresh or 700 lbs of Cured Biomass a Day

PureFlowN2 Technology One-Pager

Unmatched Processing Power

Standard on every new Luna Io and Oberon System

Blast off into a world of extraction efficiency with PureFlowN2 Technology, where innovation and imagination merge to shape the future of extraction. PureFlowN2 Technology is the first automated closed-loop nitrogen assist system that optimizes the BHO extraction process using nitrogen gas to enhance efficiency and improve product quality. It works by supercharging the solvent pump with nitrogen gas, eliminating hot-vapor interference and ensuring a seamless extraction process with superior results. 


With PureFlowN2, propane and butane capture is accelerated, significantly reducing the workload on your chillers. This results in a quicker and more efficient extraction, saving time and resources while maximizing productivity.


The revolutionary system delivers unique efficiency benefits by lowering extraction temperatures and safeguarding against unwanted lipids, fats, and waxes. The result is the highest quality oil.



Experience remarkable productivity gains, reduced run times, and exceptional results with PureFlowN2. Achieve a +75% increased processing rate on fresh frozen material, slashing extraction time from 60 minutes to 40 minutes while increasing output by up to +50% on cured biomass.


Upgrade your equipment effortlessly Our seamless integration eliminates the need for costly extractor upgrades. Experience hassle-free retrofits at a fraction of the cost of a new extractor. Leverage your existing chiller and decrease the expenses of upgrading to a new Luna Oberon or IO.

PureFlow N2 Brochure

Luna Lifetime Partner Program

The Luna Lifetime Partner Program is your dedicated support at every stage. Our real-time assistance reduces downtime by granting us remote access to your equipment. Internet connectivity enables the Luna Service & Support team to troubleshoot your extractor instantly, ensuring your success.


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