Automated Solutions for Cannabis & Hemp Extraction

Easier Extraction. Better Extracts. Our patented automated system can extract 1000 lbs of fresh frozen biomass daily, at the push of a button.

The New Oberon Extractor

Smoke the Competition with our Automated Enterprise Solution

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Oberon Extractor
Fully Automated

Fully Automated


GMP Compliant Datalogging

CRN/cUL/CSA Approved

CRN/CSA Approved

Peer Reviewed in Every Legal Cannabis State

Peer Reviewed in Every Legal Cannabis State

Commissioning and Training Standard

Every extraction purchase comes with on-site commissioning and training. Our certified technicians, with over 40 years of experience in high-purity process piping, will ensure your extractor is operational quickly.

*Additional travel costs may apply for installations outside of North America.

The Advantages of the Hydrocarbon Method

Our commitment to superior quality and high throughput has led us to select light hydrocarbons as our preferred solvent for extraction. This method is the only way to produce genuine full-spectrum products at a commercial or industrial scale, offering an unparalleled range of product options. Compared to other methods, hydrocarbon extraction boasts a throughput that is two to four times higher than CO2, making it the optimal choice for efficient extraction.

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