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Learning Lab
New Markets and Old Myths


Embark on a journey into the vibrant world of extracts, where Sean Duffy, CEO of Media Bros, teams up with industry veterans Devon Reid (COO, Vape-Jet) and Jack Naito (President, Luna Technologies) to debunk persistent myths that have clouded the cannabis industry, particularly in new markets. Join the trio as they share their insights about terpene content, process control, the artistry of crafting vape cartridges, and the prevailing myths surrounding color remediation.

_Sean, CEO of Media Bros, shares valuable insights into the ever-changing cannabis industry, focusing on providing premium color remediation media for cannabis extraction.

_Devon, COO of Vape-Jet Automated Vape Cartridge-Filling and Capping Solutions, emphasizes the importance of efficiency, quality, and process control in the competitive realm of vape cartridge production.

_Jack, the President of Luna Technologies, Automated Solutions for Cannabis Extraction, leads a company specializing in state-of-the-art extraction equipment, setting the benchmark for safety, quality, consistency, and customization within the industry.

_What these cannabis industry experts have to say and discover how their knowledge can increase customer satisfaction and fine-tune your workflow.

_Explore the state of new markets and the changing dynamics of the cannabis industry. Understand the impact of consolidation, competition, and saturation on market needs, and learn how to remain competitive in this evolving landscape.

_Discover the truth about terpene content in cannabis extracts. Debunk the misconception that more terpenes are always better and learn how to achieve optimal flavor and production capacity by selecting the right combination of terpenes.

_Uncover the importance of process control in maintaining consistency and quality throughout the cannabis supply chain. From cultivation to extraction and post-processing, learn to anticipate consumer tastes, ensure product diversification, and foster long-term relationships with farmers.

_Dive into the craft of vape cartridge production and understand how to create strain-specific cartridges. Learn how to optimize flavor and retain terpenes while offering products at different prices to cater to diverse customer preferences.

 _Dispel the myths surrounding color remediation (CRC) in cannabis and gain a deeper understanding of its role in product quality and safety. Discover the importance of precision and attention to detail in the production process.

_Recognize the value of data in the cannabis industry and how it can drive process improvement and compliance. Learn to effectively utilize data reports to monitor production and detect potential issues.

Key Takeaways:
_New markets offer opportunities for rapid profits, but knowledge and expertise from established markets eventually permeate, leading to price stabilization.
_The focus should be on selecting the right combination of terpenes for flavor and effects rather than using excessive amounts.
_Process control is essential in maintaining consistency and quality throughout the cannabis supply chain.
_Automation and proper measurement and data can lead to higher-quality and more efficient extraction processes.

Why Luna Technologies?

With superior ease, performance, and safety, Luna Technologies brings an unrivaled level of excellence to the hydrocarbon extraction market. Our IO Extractor's push-button automation and tool-less operation means less training, fewer errors, and a more consistent product.


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