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Learning Lab
Navigating the Regulatory Maze: Expert Tips for Extraction Compliance


This webinar is your gateway to understanding the complex world of cannabis extraction permits and regulatory compliance. Our expert, Usama Tohid, from Peer Review and Verification (PRV) Engineers, will be your guide, offering a deep dive into the legal and regulatory landscape of cannabis extraction.

You'll gain insights into critical safety protocols, permitting challenges, and the ever-evolving regulatory landscape of the cannabis extraction industry. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an industry expert and enhance your compliance and operational excellence.

What we cover:

Safety Analysis: Ensuring Employee and Community Safety
You'll gain insights into the proper storage and handling of hazardous materials, compliance with NFPA/IFC standards, and adherence to local safety regulations.

Permitting and Licensing: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

We'll provide an overview of the various local and state permits required for cannabis extraction operations, with a specific focus on understanding the requirements for C1D1 extraction labs. You'll receive a step-by-step breakdown of the permitting process, insights into common challenges faced by businesses, and strategies for overcoming these challenges.

The Application Process: Local Jurisdiction Regulator Requirements: Understanding Evaluation Criteria

We will shed light on the criteria used by local jurisdictions and regulators to evaluate permit applications. You'll gain insights into the challenges and potential roadblocks that can arise during the application process and discover strategies for building positive relationships with local regulators.

Why Luna Technologies?

With superior ease, performance, and safety, Luna Technologies brings an unrivaled level of excellence to the hydrocarbon extraction market. Our IO Extractor's push-button automation and tool-less operation means less training, fewer errors, and a more consistent product.


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