Automated Hydrocarbon Extraction:
Your Competitive Advantage

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Main Topics

Quality: How Automation Maximizes Consistency

• HMI - touch screen process control

• Minimizes possibility of human error

• Dual passive recovery — 98.6%


• Data logging

Safety: How Automation Solves Risk Management

• Operation from outside of C1D1

• Minimizes possibility of human error

• Remote troubleshooting & easy training

• Data logging

Labor: How Automation Minimizes Labor Cost

• Minimizes labor rate

• MGMT remote oversight — C1D2 tablet/app

• Minimizes labor time; maximizes efficiency

• Consistency of product

• Labor turnover

Why Luna Technologies?

With superior ease, performance, and safety, Luna Technologies brings an unrivaled level of excellence to the hydrocarbon extraction market. Our IO Extractor's push-button automation and tool-less operation means less training, fewer errors, and a more consistent product.


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